Love Bangladeshi

Agartala, Oct 26: In a remarkable twist of fate, the love story of a 24-year-old Bangladeshi woman named Fatema Nursat, from the Moulvi Bazar area of Sylhet district, has taken an unexpected turn. She was apprehended by the Tripura police in Churaibari, a town in Tripura’s North district, at the residence of her lover, Nur Jalal, also known as Saddam.

What makes this story particularly sensational is that Fatema, already married in Bangladesh, crossed the border to India to be with Nur Jalal, a traditional healer with a questionable reputation hailing from North Phulbari in Tripura.

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According to police sources, Saddam, who is allegedly a fake traditional healer, succeeded in winning Fatema’s heart during their time in Bangladesh. Eventually, their passion led Fatema to take a daring step – she left her married life in Bangladesh to be with Saddam and somehow managed to cross the border into Tripura.

It was in Churaibari, within the confines of Tripura, that the local police detained Fatema. She was taken into custody on the grounds of not possessing valid documentation, including a passport, which is a prerequisite for entering India.

This real-life love story, marred by the complexities of border crossings and legalities, underscores the lengths some individuals are willing to go in the name of love. For Fatema and Saddam, their cross-border journey took them into the heart of a legal conundrum that would forever change their lives.