Assam Lok Sabha

Guwahati, Oct 27: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has expressed strong confidence in the BJP securing 11.5 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Sarma stated, “In Assam, 11.5 seats belong to the BJP, and the remaining 2.5 seats, whoever wishes to contest, we don’t have any influence over.”

In response to the opposition’s call for a “supreme sacrifice” to defeat the saffron party, Sarma emphasized that the people of Assam seek development and progress, not sacrifices, as sacrifice remains a personal agenda.

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Furthermore, Sarma anticipates a contest between the AIUDF and Congress for the 2.5 seats in the upcoming election. He believes it’s natural for both parties to engage in rivalry, but in the future, they may reunite.

Sarma added, “There’s no need for the BJP to interfere in the dispute between brothers (Congress-AIUDF). Today, they may be at odds, but who’s to say they won’t unite in the future? After the Lok Sabha election results, it’s possible that due to their lack of alliance, they may lose, and they could unite again in 2026, as Delhi might suggest.”