Mizoram elections

Enhanced Security Measures Implemented for Mizoram Elections: 19 Critical Polling Stations Identified

1. Mizoram's Chief Electoral Officer, Madhup Vyas, emphasized vital election details in a recent press briefing. 2. The electoral roll, pivotal for democratic processes, exhibits...
Mizoram thunderstorm

Thunderstorm Ravages Mizoram: Over 2,500 Houses, Schools, and Buildings Damaged

1. Thunderstorms and hailstorms wreak havoc in Mizoram, damaging over 2,500 homes and public buildings. 2. State disaster management officials report one casualty, with a...
Mizoram hailstorm

Northern Mizoram Ravaged by Hailstorm: Over 200 Rooftops Destroyed

1. A devastating hailstorm hits the northern district of Mizoram early Monday, destroying over 200 rooftops. 2. Impact felt across several districts, with extensive damage...

MNF’s Zoramthanga Alleges ZPM Received BJP Funds Before Mizoram Polls

1. Zoramthanga, President of MNF, accuses ZPM of receiving BJP funds before the 2023 Mizoram elections. 2. Claims suggest ZPM sought alignment with NDA, evidenced...
Congress candidates

Congress Reveals Candidates for Lakhimpur Seat in Assam, Manipur, and Mizoram in 4th List...

1. Congress releases fourth list of Lok Sabha candidates for Assam, Manipur, and Mizoram. 2. Uday Shankar Hazarika, a former BJP member, was nominated to...

Mizoram MP K. Vanlalvena Calls for Opposition Against NDA Regime

1. K. Vanlalvena, Mizoram's sole Rajya Sabha member and MNF leader, triggers controversy. 2. Urges opposition against the BJP-led NDA regime despite the party's alliance. 3....
Zoram Lok Sabha

Zoram People’s Movement MP Candidate Submits Lok Sabha Nomination in Mizoram

1. Richie, of the Zoram People’s Movement, filed his Lok Sabha nomination in Mizoram for 2024. 2. His future alignment with NDA or INDIA, if...

India creates history as Joseph becomes the first Indian to win at WMO

1. Joseph from Mizoram secures the WMO World Title Belt in the 51kg category, the first Indian to do so. 2. His journey reflects perseverance,...
Mizoram Kuki

Displaced Kuki-Zo Community from Manipur in Mizoram Faces Voting Hurdles in Lok Sabha Polls

1. Kuki-Zo community members from Manipur, sheltering in Mizoram due to violence, encounter voting obstacles. 2. The Election Commission has yet to arrange specific voting...

Mizoram: Security Forces Apprehend Four Individuals, Seize Contraband and Explosives Worth Rs 71 Lakh

1. Mizoram Police and Assam Rifles collaborated in a successful operation, seizing 198 soap cases carrying 2.393 kilograms of heroin. 2. The contraband, valued at...
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