Online gaming suspected in Meghalaya youth malaria deaths

1. Meghalaya Health Department links online gaming to rising malaria deaths among youths. 2. In 2023, all eight malaria-related deaths were under 30, a typically...
Google Doodle

Google Doodle Celebrates Accordion: Germany’s Beloved Instrument and Folk Music Staple

1. Google Doodle celebrated the accordion on Thursday, marking its 1829 patent date. 2. Known as a folk musician's "main squeeze," this free-reed instrument has...
Modi Zomato

PM Modi Praises Zomato CEO: ‘Surname Doesn’t Matter in Today’s India’

1. PM Modi praised Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal, saying, "Surname doesn't matter in today's India." 2. At a recent event, Goyal shared a humorous and...

Prafulla Dhariwal: The Unsung Hero Behind ChatGPT 4.0’s Development

1. Prafulla Dhariwal, originating from Pune, is the mastermind driving OpenAI's recent breakthrough, ChatGPT 4o. 2. His journey commenced with stellar accomplishments in academics and...

Elon Musk declares full domain transition, Twitter now officially x.com

1. Users accessing twitter.com were redirected to x.com, signalling a significant shift. 2. A pop-up notification on x.com assured users that their privacy and data...
Transport Department

Sikkim’s Transport Department Plans AI-Powered Traffic Management System

1. AI-driven Traffic Management System to revolutionize road safety measures. 2. Implementation is slated to commence on May 25, 2024, ushering in a new era...
shoe measurement

Why India is Developing Its Own System For Shoe Measurement?

1. India currently follows the foreign shoe size approach, but that's changing. 2. CSIR-CLRI, under the Ministry of Commerce, conducted a nationwide survey. 3. Soon, India...
Tripura government

Tripura Government Schools to Implement E-Attendance System for Teachers

1. The Tripura government plans an e-attendance system for teachers in all government schools. 2. OSD Abhijit Samajpati reveals the state's intention to enhance transparency...
India solar power

India Surpasses Japan, Becomes Third Largest Solar Power Producer in 2023

1. India surpassed Japan in 2023 as the world's third-largest solar power generator. 2. Ember's report highlighted solar energy's record contribution to global electricity, reaching...
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