1. Manipur CM N Biren Singh stresses collective action for environmental conservation ahead of World Environment Day.
2. Singh highlights the importance of community involvement in protecting the state’s natural resources.
3. His call aligns with global efforts to address environmental challenges and promote sustainability.

Imphal, May 19: As the global observance of World Environment Day draws near, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh emphasizes the need for concerted efforts in environmental conservation.

Taking to social media platform X, Singh underscores the significance of community engagement in safeguarding the state’s natural assets.

Expressing his participation in a community-driven environmental preservation initiative, Singh commends the collaborative endeavors of the Manipur Government, local clubs, and youth organizations.

He recognizes their proactive stance in spearheading initiatives aimed at ecological restoration.

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Singh underscores the pivotal role of the environment, labeling it as humanity’s most invaluable asset. He emphasizes the collective responsibility to nurture and safeguard it for future generations.

The Chief Minister advocates for citizens’ active involvement in various eco-friendly endeavors, including afforestation drives, curbing plastic usage, and embracing sustainable lifestyles.

In echoing global sentiments, Singh’s call to action resonates with broader international efforts to tackle environmental issues and promote ecological sustainability.