Guwahati Railway Station

1. Video circulating on social media shows shopkeepers overcharging at Guwahati Railway Station.
2. Customer buys ₹40 cake, asked to pay ₹45; shopkeeper returns money when questioned.
3. Incident triggers outrage, highlighting concerns over fair pricing practices.

Guwahati, June 11: A widely circulated video on social media has sparked outrage after revealing an incident of overcharging by a shopkeeper at Guwahati Railway Station.

In the video, the customer is seen purchasing a cake priced at ₹40, only to be asked for ₹45 by the shopkeeper. When questioned about the discrepancy, the shopkeeper becomes agitated and returns the money to the customer.

The video, shared on Instagram by user Avi, captures the customer’s interaction with the shopkeeper, highlighting the moment when the seller attempts to charge more than the MRP for the cake.

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In response to the customer’s inquiry, the shopkeeper fails to provide a satisfactory explanation and eventually returns the product along with the money.

Additionally, the video depicts the shopkeeper’s aggressive reaction towards the customer’s phone.

According to Avi, the shopkeeper faced a fine of ₹1,000 and was subsequently terminated from his position.

The video, posted on June 4, has since garnered over 10.7 million views, along with numerous likes and comments, indicating widespread concern over the incident.