1. Users accessing twitter.com were redirected to x.com, signalling a significant shift.
2. A pop-up notification on x.com assured users that their privacy and data protection settings remained unchanged.
3. The transition from twitter.com to x.com marks a notable milestone for the microblogging platform.

Canada, May 17: Today, users attempting to access twitter.com found themselves redirected to x.com, marking a significant transition for the microblogging platform.

A pop-up notification greeted visitors, reassuring them that despite the change in URL, their privacy and data protection settings would remain unchanged.

Elon Musk, in a post on X, announced that the platform formerly known as Twitter had completed its migration to x.com.

He confirmed that all core systems were now operational in the new domain.

Musk accompanied his announcement with an image of a logo featuring a white X on a blue circle, signaling a potential shift in the platform’s branding.

The official handle of X echoed Musk’s announcement with a simple post stating “x dot com.”

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Reactions to the domain change varied among users:

  • Some expressed reluctance to abandon the familiar name, with one individual stating, “We are still gonna call it Twitter.”
  • Others embraced the change enthusiastically, with comments like, “x.com marks the spot!” and “x.com looks good in my browser address bar.”
  • Some viewed the transition as the beginning of a new era, symbolized by the letter X.
  • Many expressed admiration for Elon Musk’s vision and determination, with one user declaring, “Finally, Elon Musk‘s dream comes true. Never bet against this man!”
  • A playful response came from a user who humorously noted, “twitter dot com*.”

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter in October 2022 for $44 billion set the stage for a series of transformative changes.

The platform underwent a rebranding initiative, culminating in its renaming as “X.” This rebranding was accompanied by changes in terminology, with “tweets” becoming “posts” and “retweets” becoming “reposts.”

Musk’s fondness for the letter X is evident in his history of company branding. From x.com, an online financial superstore that later merged with PayPal, to SpaceX, founded in 2002 to revolutionize space technology, the letter has been a consistent motif in his ventures.

With the completion of Twitter’s transition to x.com, Musk envisions the platform as more than just a social media network.

He sees it as an “everything app” that integrates various functionalities, including audio, video, messaging, payments, and artificial intelligence, into a single, cohesive platform.