Melthum quarry

1. The Melthum quarry landslide death toll has risen to 15.
2. Cyclone Remal has caused the overall death toll in Mizoram to reach 29.
3. The state faces severe devastation from multiple landslides triggered by the cyclone.

Aizawl, May 29: As of 1 pm on May 29, the death toll from the Melthum quarry landslide has risen to 15, bringing the overall death toll in Mizoram due to Cyclone Remal to 29.

The state has been devastated by multiple landslides triggered by the catastrophic Cyclone Remal, with the quarry collapse being the hardest hit.

A massive search operation was launched on the morning of May 29 to recover more bodies. By 1 pm, the body of 14-year-old Gloria MS Dawngliani was recovered. According to the latest reports, around 8 to 9 bodies are still missing.

The bodies recovered and identified so far include:

  • Pu Lalduhthlanga (66)
  • Pi Baby Zoremsiami (36)
  • Abel Lalmalsawma (4)
  • Dorothy Lalruatkimi (20)
  • Thangtluanga (47)
  • Lalremtluanga (32)
  • Lalduhawmi (34)
  • Lalhlimpuii (6)
  • Beetu Manjit
  • Sunjay Rai
  • Diup Manji
  • Gumeswar Chaudury
  • Lalnunsiami (45)
  • Muanzova (55)
  • Gloria MS Dawngliani (14)

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The bodies of Lalthakima (42), Lalvenhima (6 months), and Deborah Lalawmawmi (12), along with approximately five other non-Mizos, have not yet been recovered.

The total death toll from landslides and torrential rains triggered by Cyclone Remal in the state has now risen to 29, according to the latest reports.

Search operations are ongoing as several bodies remain unaccounted for.

Cyclone Remal’s landfall in Northeast India has caused widespread chaos, claiming lives and severely disrupting normalcy across the state.

The Melthum quarry collapse accounts for 15 of the deaths, while the other 14 fatalities have been reported from surrounding areas affected by massive landslides.