NF Railway

1. NF Railway is committed to protecting rare and endangered wildlife.
2. Measures are implemented where railway lines pass through forests and sanctuaries.
3. Steps are taken to prevent accidents and ensure wildlife safety.

Guwahati, May 31: As part of Indian Railways’ policy to protect wildlife, including rare and endangered species, NF Railway is committed to taking necessary steps to ensure their safety.

Wherever railway lines pass through forest areas or sanctuaries, measures are implemented to prevent accidents.

The railway line passing through the Gibbon Sanctuary in Jorhat district, Assam, is home to the rare Hoolock Gibbon, a highly arboreal species.

To facilitate safe crossing for these gibbons, NF Railway, in consultation with the Assam State Forest Department, Wildlife Institute of India, and other stakeholders, has decided to install canopy bridges within the sanctuary.

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These bridges will be placed at several identified points to enable the gibbons to move easily from one part of the sanctuary to another across the railway tracks.

The Assam State Forest Department has already submitted the design and estimate for these canopy bridges, prepared by the Wildlife Institute of India in collaboration with NF Railway. NF Railway deposited the required funds in February 2024 for the forest department to proceed with the installation.

The ends and knots of the canopy bridges will be secured using high-grade fastening materials and techniques.

Additionally, safety nets will be installed below the main twin-rope bridges as a fail-safe mechanism to catch any gibbons that might accidentally fall.

Over time, natural elements like lianas and creepers will be guided along the rope bridges, creating a hybrid design that blends with the natural environment.

NF Railway, in consultation with the respective state forest departments, is taking all necessary measures to protect endangered species at every possible location, ensuring their survival and safety.