Loot East

1. Modi criticizes Congress for ‘Loot East Policy’ neglecting Tripura and Northeast.
2. Urges support for development-focused voting in Tripura during Lok Sabha elections.
3. Stresses the need to break from past neglect for a brighter future under BJP leadership.

Agartala, April 18: Prime Minister Narendra Modi lambasted the erstwhile Congress government for its neglect of Tripura and the broader Northeast region, accusing them of pursuing a singular policy: the ‘Loot East Policy’.

Speaking at a massive election rally in Agartala, Modi underscored the importance of voting for development in Tripura during the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Encouraging support for BJP candidates, including Biplab Kumar Deb and Kriti Singh Debbarma, Modi emphasized that every vote for the BJP-NDA alliance would bolster “Modi ki Guarantee!”

Modi highlighted the rampant corruption under the previous CPIM and Congress regimes, alleging that Tripura had become a breeding ground for malfeasance. He criticized the leftist parties for fostering corruption while presenting themselves as rivals on the surface but sharing the same ideology behind closed doors.

Asserting BJP’s commitment to Tripura’s development, Modi outlined the shift from the Congress’s ‘Loot East’ policy to the current ‘Act East’ approach. Under the BJP’s leadership, initiatives like the HIRA+ Model (Highway, Internetway, Railway, and Airways) aim to propel Tripura’s progress.

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Modi underscored the ongoing construction of a four-lane highway in Tripura, emphasizing the government’s focus on infrastructure development. He announced plans to construct 3 crore new houses nationwide, with Tripura poised to benefit significantly.

The Prime Minister also emphasized efforts to enhance connectivity in the Northeast, citing initiatives such as free gas connections for over 3 lakh women and the establishment of Eklavya Model Schools to educate children from tribal communities.

Modi urged voters to support the BJP-NDA alliance, promising a future of progress and prosperity for Tripura under the leadership of his government.