Tripura sundari temple opens for devotees

Tripura: Matabari opens for devotees

June 9, 2020: After more than 75 days of restrictions on entry into temples, the one of the holiest Hindu shrines of the country, the Tripura Sundari Temple has finally opened for devotees on Monday but not without certain restrictions.

Although the temple has opened, safety protocols will be maintained and any unnecessary gatherings and violation of government guidelines will be prevented by the authorities as this might spur the spread of Covid-19.

A meeting regarding the opening of Matabari was conducted on Sunday. Gomati District Magistrate who is the Sabaite (or chief worshipper) of the temple and member secretary of “Mata Tripura Sundari Temple Trust” convened the meeting with other important officials including MLA Biplab Kumar Ghosh, and other members of the temple trust.

The temple is a state-run place of worship and attracts the most number of devotees after the Kamakhya temple in North East every year.

In the meeting, it was decided that the temple would be opened on June 8 for all. The board of trustees and higher officials along with minister Ghosh also charted several restrictions after the temple would be opened for the people.

A priest of the temple has informed, “The Puja had started at 9:30 in the morning and continued till 11:30. Many people have offered Puja today. There is not going to be any social functions such as the first rice ceremony or marriages as of now. All social programmes are kept on hold for some time.