Video Of A Primary School Student Reporting To Cops Over Pencil Problem, Goes Viral

Andhra Pradesh, Nov 26: A Primary School student knocked on the doors of a police station to seek justice after his pencil was stolen by a classmate goes viral. Several other children approached Kurnool police officials to register a complaint against a classmate in Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool district.

Shot in February, a video of Hanumantha, a student of the first standard in Kurnool, which went viral only now features him and his classmate asking cops to solve their pencil problem at the Peddakabadur Police Station.

Watch the video here

From their official account on Twitter, the Andhra Pradesh Police shared the video. “It is important that the AP Police give confidence and reassurance to the people of Andhra Pradesh in a manner that even elementary school children are confident and believe in them,” the police said in a series of tweets.

During the video, the child complains that another boy took his pencil and never returned it to him. The child says that a case should be filed against the boy when asked what the police can do about the situation. As the surrounding scene evolves, a few friends of the child can be seen laughing at the oddity of the situation.

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A cop was seen in the video engaging in a discussion with the kids about the likelihood of the complaint being filed, the difficulty of bail, and Hanumantha’s forgiveness. Hanumantha, not easily persuaded, considers the points made before insisting that at least the mother of the alleged suspect must be called.

Following their compromise, the two kids shake hands and smile at the end of the video. Providing the best services at the doorstep of the people means making police more accountable and transparent in providing the best services to all sections of society in a friendly manner, the Andhra police said. These testimonies make the police more responsible for providing the best services to everyone at their doorstep.