Mizoram Police

Aizawl, Jan 01: Mizoram Police shot at a 40-year-old father and his son as they entered the neighboring state to engage in jhum cultivation, a senior Mizo officer said on Saturday. The two belong to the North Tripura district of Tripura.

During Ramuhai Reang’s time in the Kanchanpur subdivision, he and his 14-year-old son Rathindra often visited the neighboring state to farm, said district superintendent of police Bhanupada Chakraborty.

According to the Mizoram Police, the two sustained bullet injuries after the Mizoram Police opened fire on the father-son duo on Friday afternoon for “reasons still unclear”.
Additionally, he noted that the Mizoram Police have claimed the two were carrying drugs when they entered their state.

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Despite Ramuhai’s escape and re-entry into Tripura, his son was taken into custody by the Mizoram Police, according to Chakraborty.

According to reports, the boy underwent surgery at an Aizawl hospital and the SP affirmed that the boy is in stable condition. Ramuhai is currently being treated at a hospital in Dharmanagar.

According to the SP, an investigation has been launched at the Vanghmun police station, and extra forces have been mobilized along the interstate border, where tensions are high but under control.