Moh Mol

Itanagar, April 25: Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Monday conveyed his wishes to the people of the State on the auspicious occasion of Moh Mol.

Moh-Mol is basically an agricultural-related festival of Tangsas, which signifies the end of agricultural activity or the beginning of the crop season. Since the life and activity of tribal people revolve around agriculture, they adhere to utmost importance to this festival.

It is a gala of pomp and show of traditional colorful costumes, ornaments, art, and crafts that enriched the pride of Tangsa’s cultural heritage of the past. It, therefore, inspires the younger generation every year to inherit, protect, preserve and continue it to the later generations further.

While some communities of Tangsas observe it for the beginning of agricultural activity in the field, some do it for sowing of paddy, and some others for welcoming new crops into the home. That is why a celebration is performed with religious fervor and devotion.

People chant mantras for a good harvest of their crops, the prosperity of their live stocks and wealth, and the disease-free life of their family or village community to enjoy food and drinks year after year. So, the offerings, sacrifices, food, drinks, folk songs, and dances accompanied by rhythmic music of drum beats and gong reverberations highlight the festival.

As the time of particular agricultural activity differs from village to village, the time of their festival also varies accordingly. It is observed generally between April and July, but the village community in the council as per their convenience decides the exact date.

At present days, the festival has been officially celebrated on April 25 every year since it was decided by the community for convenience and as a common platform for all.

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As Tangsas have no definite date to mark the New Year, the Moh-Mol festival is considered to be the end and beginning of the calendar.

People of all ages, on this occasion, sing and dance with their best presentation in colorful attire. In a sense, they do it in order to shake off the shackles of old painful memories and fatigues, and to recharge their energy and enthusiasm, preparing to face the reality of life is waiting.

This is also a wonderful occasion for people to exchange goodies, love, and affection with their near and dear ones, especially, relatives who visit from distant villages or places. Bogged down by the daily chores of their households, people usually look for “Moh/Mol” occasions to see those distant relatives.