New Delhi, October 09: A super cute video of chimpanzee washing clothes with its hands has gone viral and netizens are simply loving it. The nearly 30-second video was shared on Instagram from a handle by the name helicopter_yatra_ and the user named Sachin Sharma.

The video apparently is shot in some zoo where the viral chimpanzee is seen washing clothes with its hands in a water stream. From what we can see in the video the chimpanzee first applies soap on a yellow T-shirt and rubs it with his hand. Just like humans, it then uses a brush to cleanse the T-shirt.

Netizens are thoroughly enjoying this cute and funny video with lots of users putting up their comments on the post. One user jokingly wrote, “I found my new housekeeper.”


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Chimpanzees are considered one of the most intelligent animals and are also known for imitating human behavior.