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1. Union Home Ministry enhances CEC Rajiv Kumar’s security to the ‘Z’ category.
2. Intelligence Bureau triggers security upgrade for Election Commission Chief.
3. Specifics of threat undisclosed as CEC’s security level raised.

New Delhi, April 09: The Union Home Ministry has taken significant steps to bolster the security of Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Rajiv Kumar by elevating his security cover to the ‘Z’ category, reliable sources report.

This decision follows an intelligence report from the Intelligence Bureau (IB), although specific details regarding the nature of the perceived threat have not been disclosed. The Ministry of Home Affairs acted swiftly on the recommendations, enhancing Kumar’s security protocols to the highest level.

Under the Z category security umbrella, a robust security apparatus has been put in place to ensure Kumar’s safety. A total of 33 security personnel, including CRPF commandos, have been deployed for this purpose. This comprehensive security detail includes 10 armed static guards stationed at Kumar’s residence, six personal security officers (PSOs) providing continuous protection, and 12 armed commandos assigned to accompany him in shifts.

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Additionally, two watchers per shift and three trained drivers are on standby to swiftly respond to any security exigencies.

The decision to upgrade Kumar’s security posture comes amidst escalating tensions within the political landscape, particularly with opposition parties such as the Trinamool Congress voicing grievances against the Election Commission.

This development coincides with the extensive preparations underway for the upcoming seven-phase Lok Sabha elections, slated to commence on April 19.

Rajiv Kumar, a retired IAS officer of the 1984 batch, assumed the role of the 25th Chief Election Commissioner on May 15, 2022.

Having previously served as an election commissioner since September 1, 2020, Kumar brings a wealth of experience to his pivotal role in overseeing the democratic process in India.