Bengal Durga Puja

Kolkata, Oct 13: West Bengal’s Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, made a virtual appearance on Thursday to inaugurate numerous Durga Puja venues across the state.

Her extensive public interaction took place in the afternoon, marking her return from a recent trip abroad to Spain and the UAE, where she sought investment and extended invitations to business owners and representatives for the state’s upcoming global business summit.

Following her return, Banerjee has been following medical advice and staying at home.

During her virtual interaction with Durga Puja organizers from her residential office, where she also held a cabinet meeting, the Chief Minister mentioned that while she was in good health overall, she had sustained a leg injury that required some time to heal. She explained that there was a slight infection in her leg, and doctors had advised against walking to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

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Consequently, she had to limit her physical activities. Despite her absence, Banerjee expressed her heartfelt wishes for the ongoing festivities, assuring everyone that her resting period would only last a few more days. She looked forward to joining the grand puja carnival scheduled for October 27.

Banerjee recounted how she had injured her leg during an emergency landing of her helicopter in North Bengal back in June.

During her trip to Barcelona, a misstep had aggravated the pain. However, due to the importance of the scheduled events, she had persevered and attended all of them. Upon her return to West Bengal, following her doctor’s recommendation, she decided to remain at home temporarily.

On the day of the virtual inauguration, nearly 800 Durga Puja pandals from all 23 districts of the state were included in the list of venues that Banerjee officially inaugurated. Despite her physical absence, her virtual presence showcased her dedication to the annual celebration and her commitment to her duties as the Chief Minister of West Bengal.