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Imphal, Oct 13: A disturbing incident of violence has shaken the Yaingangpokpi and Seijang areas of Imphal East in Manipur, where at least two village volunteers were injured in an attack allegedly carried out by armed miscreants. This unfortunate episode also resulted in injuries to around seven Meira Paibis who were reportedly subjected to lathi-charging by army and paramilitary forces. Currently, all the injured individuals are receiving medical treatment in various hospitals.

The incident unfolded at approximately 3 a.m. on October 12 when armed miscreants from Twichin Kuki Village and Monomphai Village advanced towards a brick field situated between Sabungkhok Khunou and Twichi Kuki Village. These armed miscreants opened indiscriminate fire towards Sabungkhok Khunou, which compelled a response from the state, central forces, and village volunteers.

The exchange of fire continued until 9 a.m., with armed miscreants persistently firing towards the Meitei village. The attack resumed later in the day, extending until 1 p.m., resulting in injuries to two village volunteers.

Simultaneously, a heated argument erupted between army and paramilitary forces and Meira Paibi at Saabungkhok Khunou and Seijang when the forces reportedly halted an ambulance dispatched to evacuate village volunteers.

After some time, the ambulance was permitted to proceed. However, the situation remained tense, leading to a gathering of womenfolk on the road. In an effort to disperse the crowd, the forces initially used smoke bombs and subsequently resorted to lathi-charging. Seven individuals were subsequently admitted to different hospitals for their injuries.

According to sources, armed miscreants have allegedly been targeting Meitei villages located in the peripheral areas of Lamlai Assembly constituency and Saikul Assembly constituency over the past few days.

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Despite the ongoing attacks, Meitei families have managed to remain in their homes, although women and children have sought refuge in safer locations during the night due to sporadic firing by armed miscreants.

Armed miscreants have specifically targeted Sabungkhok Khunou, Yaingangpokpi, Shantikhongbal, Thamnapokpi, Sanasabi, and other adjacent Meitei villages, intensifying their attacks since early morning on October 12.

The situation in Yaingangpokpi and Seijang remains tense, and the authorities are working to address the concerns of the affected villagers and ensure their safety.

These acts of violence are deeply concerning and highlight the need for immediate measures to restore peace and protect the lives and well-being of the residents in the affected areas. It is crucial for the local administration and security forces to work together to maintain law and order, prevent further violence, and bring those responsible for the attacks to justice. The safety and security of the people must be the top priority in these challenging times.