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Guwahati, Oct 13: A special train carrying passengers from the derailed North East Express arrived at Kokrajhar station on October 12, offering relief to those who had been aboard during the tragic accident near Raghunathpur in Bihar. The North East Express was en route from Delhi to Kamakhya when it derailed, leading to eyewitness accounts of the incident and the provision of assistance to passengers upon their arrival in Kokrajhar.

On the evening of October 11, a catastrophic incident occurred as the North East Express, which departed from Delhi’s Anand Vihar Terminal and was headed to Kamakhya Junction in Assam’s Guwahati, derailed near Raghunathpur railway station in Bihar’s Buxar district. The derailment took place at 9:53 p.m., resulting in four fatalities and injuries to 70 passengers.

The scene of the derailment was marked by two AC 3 Tier coaches toppling over, with four other coaches running off the tracks. The Railway Ministry reported, “Train number 12506 (Anand Vihar Terminal to Kamakhya) was passing through the main line of Raghunathpur station. Six coaches got derailed.”

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The 23-coach train, which commenced its journey at 7:40 am on Wednesday from the Anand Vihar terminal in Delhi, was originally intended for a nearly 33-hour journey to Kamakhya.

In response to the incident, a special train was dispatched to transport passengers who had been on board the derailed North East Express. This special train brought them to Kokrajhar station on October 12 night. As passengers disembarked, the railway department provided essential relief, distributing various food items, drinking water, and milk packets.

It’s important to note that while there were a total of 24 passengers from Kokrajhar district on board, 22 passengers safely disembarked at Kokrajhar station, while others alighted at alternative stations, as confirmed by the railway department. The efficient response of the railway department and the arrival of the special train brought a measure of relief to those affected by the tragic derailment.