Angami Students

1. Angami Students’ Union (ASU) reaffirms no cooperation with Indian armed forces.
2. ASU opposes the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) of 1958.
3. ASU condemns AFSPA as a draconian measure imposed on their homeland.

Kohima, May 18: In alignment with the directive from the Naga Students’ Federation, the Angami Students’ Union (ASU) has reiterated its firm stance against extending any form of cooperation to the Indian armed or paramilitary forces.

This decision reinforces the Union’s long-standing opposition to the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) of 1958, which they vehemently condemn as a draconian measure imposed on their homeland.

The ASU’s opposition to AFSPA is rooted in the belief that the Act has led to significant suffering and human rights violations against the Naga people. They characterize the actions of the Indian armed forces under AFSPA as cowardly and highlight the torment endured by innocent Nagas over decades. The Union asserts that the peace-loving Naga community continues to live in tranquility despite the longstanding suffering inflicted by the Indian armed forces.

In a strong demand directed at the Union Government, the Angami Students’ Union has called for the immediate repeal of AFSPA. They further urged the apex court to restore the human rights of the Nagas by abolishing the Act.

The ASU emphasized the need for the government to recognize and address the grievances of the Naga people by ending what they see as an oppressive law.

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The Union has issued clear directives to its units, emphasizing strict adherence:

  1. No individual or union under Angami jurisdiction is to accept any form of aid from the Indian armed forces.
  2. No individual or union shall invite the Indian armed forces to any event organized within its jurisdiction, nor participate in any official events of the armed forces.

These directives are part of a broader effort to ensure that the Naga people remain united in their stance against AFSPA and the perceived injustices carried out under its provisions.

The ASU has also cautioned all Indian armed forces stationed in Angami-inhabited areas to refrain from actions that could provoke situations contrary to the issued directive.

This warning is intended to prevent any escalation of tensions and to ensure that the directives are respected by all parties involved.

The ASU declared its intention to mobilize all its networks to ensure strict compliance with the resolutions set forth by both the Naga Students’ Federation and the Angami Students’ Union.

This mobilization includes preventing any violations by individuals, groups, or armed forces. The Union’s efforts are aimed at fostering a sense of solidarity among the Naga people and reinforcing their collective demand for the repeal of AFSPA and the restoration of their human rights.

Overall, the Angami Students’ Union’s directives and statements reflect a deep-seated commitment to the welfare and rights of the Naga people.

Their unwavering stance against AFSPA and their proactive measures to prevent cooperation with the Indian armed forces underscore their dedication to achieving justice and peace for their community.