Assam train

Balasore, June 05: In a remarkable turn of events, a young man from Assam has been rescued alive two days after the tragic train collision in Odisha. The incident, which occurred near Balasore on Friday evening, involved the Bengaluru-Howrah Superfast Express, the Shalimar-Chennai Central Coromandel Express, and a goods train.

The collision claimed the lives of 275 individuals and left over a thousand injured. Among the survivors is Dulal Mazundar, a resident of Assam, who sustained severe injuries during the accident.

Mazundar, who was unconscious, was discovered by workers involved in the restoration of the damaged tracks on Monday morning, nearly 48 hours after the collision.

Swift action was taken, and he was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital in Soro. The young man had suffered significant injuries to his head and hands and was subsequently transferred to the Balasore hospital for further treatment.

Currently, Dulal’s condition is reported to be stable. However, due to his inability to speak properly, doctors are facing challenges in his treatment, as stated by the Baleswar medical superintendent.

In light of the tragic incident, the Odisha government revised the death toll from the train collision, reducing it from 288 to 275, citing earlier instances of double counting. The local administration now faces the difficult task of storing and managing 187 unidentified bodies.

To provide necessary assistance, the government has allocated hospitals in Bhubaneswar, including AIIMS, AMRI, SUM Hospital, Capital Hospital, KIMS Hospital, and Hi-Tech Hospital, for the bodies of 170 deceased individuals from the Balasore train accident.

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Meanwhile, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has called for a CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) inquiry into the accident. The ongoing investigation by the Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS) will also continue.

The miraculous survival of Dulal Mazundar serves as a ray of hope amidst the devastating train tragedy in Odisha. While the accident has claimed numerous lives and left many injured, the rescue of this young man reminds us of the resilience and determination of the human spirit. As investigations progress to determine the causes of the collision, the focus remains on providing support and relief to the affected individuals and their families.