Manipur militants

Imphal, June 05: The unrest in Manipur shows no signs of abating as suspected militants carried out attacks and arson in various locations, exacerbating the ongoing ethnic conflict. Among the targeted sites was the private residence of Congress MLA K Ranjit Singh, located in Serou Bazar near Sugnu in Manipur’s Kakching district.

The assailants set ablaze a cluster of houses and shops, including the legislator’s home, fueling further tensions and creating new challenges for the security establishment.

Most of the affected homes had been deserted following the recent exodus of residents to relief camps, leaving behind few areas untouched by the clashes between the Meitei and Kuki communities. MLA Ranjit, who represents the Sugnu constituency, was not present at home during the attack, according to sources.

The arson in Sugnu was accompanied by intense gunfire as approximately 30 heavily armed militants attempted to besiege a nearby outpost of the Border Security Force (BSF) and the India Reserve Battalion. The exchange of bullets between the militants and security forces continued throughout the night, keeping the area on edge until dawn.

Witnesses reported renewed clashes in Sugnu later in the afternoon, with both sides resorting to mortar fire, although no official information on the extent of the damage was provided by evening.

In addition to the violence in Sugnu, gunfights between suspected militants and security forces were reported in several areas along the western border of Imphal West district, including Singda, Senjam Chirang, and Phayeng neighborhoods. Sadly, one of the 16 individuals wounded in a militant attack in Singda on Friday succumbed to their injuries in an Imphal hospital on Sunday morning, adding to the prevailing sense of gloom. The deceased victim hailed from Sagolband in Imphal West.

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In an effort to provide assistance to those affected by the ongoing conflict, a delegation of MLAs led by Power Minister Th Biswajit Singh visited the displaced people of Ando in Imphal East district at various relief camps. The delegation offered material and monetary aid to help alleviate the hardships faced by the displaced individuals.

The incidents of militant attacks, arson, and gunfights continue to escalate tensions in Manipur, posing significant challenges for the security forces. It is imperative for the authorities to take prompt and decisive action to restore peace and stability in the region.

Efforts should be focused on fostering dialogue, addressing the root causes of the conflict, and providing support to affected communities. Only through collective efforts and sustained peace-building initiatives can Manipur overcome these turbulent times and pave the way for a harmonious and prosperous future.