Agartala, Sept 18: Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma, the royal scion and former chairman of TIPRA Motha, is calling on the cadres of the banned National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) to transition into mainstream politics. His plea, delivered during a Facebook Live session, emphasizes the importance of advocating for the rights of Tripura’s indigenous people in New Delhi.

Pradyot has been critical of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) or CPIM for allegedly neglecting the indigenous population of Tripura during their time in power. His primary goal is to serve his community, and he believes it’s essential to keep indigenous people informed about Tipra Motha’s progress and discussions with the central government regarding their rights and demands.

He stated, “I speak not just for myself, but for my people. Our primary demand is Greater Tipraland, and we hope that the Government of India will recognize that development in Tripura is impossible without the active involvement of the indigenous population. This land belonged to us and the Tiprasa, but now we are peacefully fighting for our rights. Talks with the central government are in an advanced stage. I appeal to the NLFT cadres who are in hiding in Bangladesh to join the mainstream and refrain from resorting to violence, as guns cannot solve our problems. Together, we will raise our voices in Delhi for our demands.”

Pradyot stressed that this is not the time for internal conflicts but a time for patience and unity. He believes that the functioning of the Tripura District Council needs improvement. While acknowledging budget constraints, he emphasized the importance of considering the entire state of Tripura, not just individual assembly constituencies, when it comes to job opportunities.

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He stated, “The public has placed their trust in us, and it is our duty to deliver.” Pradyot expressed his respect for everyone but made it clear that he would support those who contribute meaningfully to the welfare of Tripura’s indigenous people.

Addressing other political parties, he said, “To those who talk about constitutional and democratic principles, we do not oppose you, but what have you provided for us? You have been in power for the past 25 years and have not offered anything to us. You did not prioritize the welfare of the indigenous people of Tripura. Therefore, we will address our problems first, and then we can discuss your concerns.”

Pradyot Manikya’s appeal reflects his commitment to advancing the rights and well-being of the indigenous communities in Tripura, and his call for NLFT cadres to join mainstream politics is a significant step toward achieving these goals.