1. TSECL and TPTL collaborate to strengthen Tripura’s electricity infrastructure against monsoon challenges.
2. A budget of Rs 16.88 lakh is earmarked for ensuring continuous power supply during adverse weather.
3. Their efforts include various activities like trimming branches near transmission lines and repairing hanging wires.

Agartala, April 10: Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited (TSECL) and Tripura Power Transmission Limited (TPTL) are joining forces to fortify the state’s electricity infrastructure against the challenges posed by the monsoon season.

With a budget allocation of Rs 16.88 lakh, they aim to ensure uninterrupted power supply during adverse weather conditions.

According to Swapan Debbarma, General Manager Technical of TSECL, preparations for the monsoon season began in February, with comprehensive renovation initiatives underway.

Meetings with officers and engineers have paved the way for strategic planning and execution.

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The allocated funds will support various renovation activities, including trimming branches near transmission lines, clearing forest areas, straightening poles, and repairing hanging wires.

To expedite the process, 400 vehicles and 1830 casual labor resources have been deployed alongside existing infrastructure.

Initiated on February 16, these renovation efforts are scheduled for completion by the end of April, ensuring that all electricity distribution-related works are concluded within the month.

Tripura Power Transmission Limited is actively engaged in pre-monsoon renovation activities, focusing on forest clearance, tree trimming, and equipment testing and repair at substations.

With progress reports indicating nearing completion of pre-monsoon renovation across all lines and substations, Tripura is gearing up to enhance its resilience against potential disruptions during the upcoming monsoon season.

It is anticipated that these efforts will be finalized by April, safeguarding the state’s electricity infrastructure and ensuring uninterrupted power supply for its residents.