17-year-old boy reportedly drowned in Arunachal

17-year-old drowned in Arunachal

June 15: A 17-year-old teenager has reportedly drowned in the Pare river in Arunachal Doimuk village which is situated in the Papum Pare district on Saturday afternoon.

According to the police, the youngster had gone to the Nonpu picnic spot near the river with his sisters and friends to take a swim in the hot weather.

However, as the family has informed the police, a mishap took place while swimming in the river and he drowned.

Papum Pare police and NDRF personnel had launched search operations in the river in search of the boy. His family members are also trying to locate him.

No trace of his body could be found until Sunday evening. The NDRF personnel did not take part in the search operations on Monday. As a result, the Papum Pare police has placed requisition for SDRF and the search operation will begin once again from Tuesday.

As police sources have informed that cases of drowning have increased recently. And it is becoming difficult for the forces to conduct search operations in the river due to contaminated water.

The police have also appealed to the people residing along the Pare riverside to inform them if any such body is located, at the same time requesting people not to visit riversides during monsoon.