After black and white fungus, yellow fungus case reported in India

India, May 24: Amid the rising number of black and white fungus cases in the country, a person has now been diagnosed with a yellow fungus infection. In the Delhi NCR, it has been witnessed first in Ghaziabad on Monday and the yellow fungus is reportedly more dangerous than the black and white fungus.

The patient is currently being treated at ENT surgeon Dr Brij Pal Tyagi’s hospital.

The symptoms of yellow fungus are said to be lethargy, weight loss, low appetite, or no appetite at all.

Subsequently, more severe symptoms of yellow fungus can also be the leakage of pus.

It also reportedly affects the healing process of wounds and slows it down. It also results in sunken eyes and organ failure and eventually leads to necrosis.

Yellow fungus is a fatal disease because it starts internally and it’s important for a person to seek medical treatment as soon as he/she notices any symptoms.

The treatment for this fungal infection is the amphotericin b injection, which is an anti-fungal drug.

Poor hygiene mostly causes this fungal infection and getting rid of old food and faeces helps in containing its spread.

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Too much humidity can also cause the infection as it promotes the proliferation of bacteria and fungus. The humidity can remain between 30% and 40%.

Meanwhile, Union Health Minister on Monday morning said that so far, 5,424 cases of Mucormycosis have been reported in 18 states and UTs.

Out of 5,424 cases, 4,556 patients have a history of COVID-19 infection. 55% of the patients had diabetes,” he added.