Assam Meghalaya

Guwahati, July 07: Assam police suspended a sub-inspector as well as a policewoman after they allegedly assaulted a woman from Dainadubi in North Garo Hills of Meghalaya. Shockingly, the assault took place within the premises of the Dudhnoi Police Station on July 4.

As per information, a sub-inspector from the Dudhnoi Police Station apparently called the victim Mousumi Momin and her husband to the Police Station on the pretext of taking a statement in a case that was filed against her husband by one Dhrubananda Choudhary. The victim is a resident of Dainadubi in the district of North Garo Hills.

Choudhary had alleged that the victim’s husband had taken the money and also promised to deliver coal to him.

Interestingly, the coal had been dumped in the Dangkong area near Dainadubi which Choudhary expected her husband to illegally transport to him.

The complaint by Choudhary mentioned an amount of Rs 95,000 apparently being paid to Sengkal Marak, the victim’s husband by Choudhary to illegally transport the coal into Assam from where it was dumped.

“My husband went to get a cup of tea outside the PS when he was informed by a well-wisher that the police were about to assault him. He immediately started to call people that he knew so that they could come forward to help,” said Mousumi this afternoon.

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She and her husband had reached the police station at about 2:30 pm. At about 3:30 pm, Sengkal had gone out of the police station for tea immediately after which SI Bishnu Bahadur Newar accused her of helping her husband run away from the police station.

“I had no clue about what happened and was not involved in any sense in what happened. However, the SI ordered one policewoman, identified as Mamta Joshi, to start beating me up. The assault on me started immediately and did not stop. I felt they would murder me. They even outraged my modesty in the PS,” said a traumatized Mousumi.

Since the beatings, she has had tremendous difficulty lying down or sitting. Her entire backside, including her legs and hands, showed bruises to the extent that her skin could not be seen.

“They accused my husband but beat me up when they could not get him. I was locked in a room and forced to bend over to receive their thrashings. They threatened me and took an amount of Rs 50,000 that I had with me for my children’s fees. Further, they forced me to sign some agreements and blank pieces of paper. Fearing for my life, I obliged,” added the victim.

What is even more condemnable is the fact that the victim in question recently had surgery, something that the assaulting policewoman did not even take into account.

“I cried and shouted for help from the beatings but no one from the PS came to intervene or stop the beatings. I had no idea whether I would live through the day. The beating lasted for more than an hour,” added the victim, who is also a government teacher by profession.

She further alleged that the beatings were ordered by the coal merchant Dhrubajyoti and the SI. The policewoman only followed their orders.

The victim added that her phones were switched off by the cops and was only allowed to go after her relatives intervened when she was allowed to make calls after the brutal bashing.

What is even more interesting in the case is the fact that the SI took up a case that actually would fall under Meghalaya as the coal in question was dumped in Dangkong. Further, the dumped coal is believed to be illegal.

Following the incident, the victim filed a police complaint with the superintendent of police, Goalpara, against the accused cops as well as the coal merchant.

Following the complaint, the two cops involved in the incident have been suspended. The latest information provided by the authorities informed that the complainant Choudhary as well as the policewoman have been arrested under various sections of the IPC.

Further action has also been promised by the Assam police authorities following the investigation today and more arrests are expected.