Flood jihad

Silchar, July 07: Silchar SP Ramandeep Kaur strictly asked the media not to spread communal riots by using words like “Flood jihad” in a situation when a part of India is flooding for a long.

In June, Silchar received 930 millimeters of rainfall compared to the average of 490 millimeters. Referring to this unprecedented amount of rain, the SP added that “People who have been living here for decades can attest that this level of rainfall is unprecedented. The water took 15 days to recede. The volume of water present in the city has no connection to the condition of the dyke.”

She went on to add that certain factors in the floods were an “act of God” and urged the citizen of Silchar to not extrapolate an already complex situation by giving it a communal angle.

“We have not even heard of the word “flood jihad” in our investigation. These narratives are very dangerous as they have the power to share the peaceful fabric of SIlchar’s society. I urge media houses to refrain from giving this a communal angle.”

It must be noted that Silchar was underwater for over two weeks but certain national media houses dragged their feet covering this issue. Furthermore, some channels have only recently covered the situation here giving it a communal angle by coining terms like “flood jihad” in a very opportunistic manner. Silchar, its plight, and its citizens saw no mention whatsoever in their headlines before this.

Recently, very questionable and inflammatory material regarding the Bethukandi Dyke situation is being peddled by certain regional and national houses. SP Dr. Ramandeep Kaur addressed the press regarding this sensationalization of the criminal act.

The police were informed of the damage incurred by the Bethukandi Dyke a few days before the floods hit Silchar.

The report was made by the irrigation Department. However, torrential rains arrived at the time and the authorities couldn’t commence their investigation.

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“We have already apprehended four people who were involved in the cutting of the Dyke. Surely, there are more people involved and we are working towards apprehending them as well. We will find out why they took the step to damage government property like this,” promised the SP.

“However, I want to make this very clear that there is no communal angle to this incident. No community has ever intentionally damaged government property in this manner to aggravate communal tension,” said the SP.

Four Muslim men have been arrested in Assam’s Cachar district in connection with the breach of an embankment of the Barak River, which eventually led to a massive flood in Silchar city. It is alleged that it was done to intentionally drown parts of India.

Police have arrested 4 people in connection with the damaging of the Betukaandi embankment of Silchar. It needs to be mentioned that the breach of the embankment led to the severe flood in Silchar. The 4 vandals arrested are Kabul Khan, Mitu Lashkar, Major Laskar, and Ripon Lashkar.

CID team has reached Silchar and initiated an investigation further into the matter. 2 inspectors of CID are pursuing an investigation.