Assam: Omicron Case Suspected In Sonitpur, Patient Admitted To TMCH

Assam, Dec 13: Surya Tamang, a resident of the greater Balipara-Rangapara area under Chardwar Police Station in the Sonitpur district Assam tested positive for COVID (suspected Omicron variant) after returning home after nine days abroad. This sensation spread among the residents.

His residence in Balipara was reached on December 4 after arriving at both Mumbai airport (Chattrapati Shivaji International airport) and Delhi airport, where the 36-year-old youth had been working for a long time.

As of this correspondent’s conversation with Sonitpur DC Bhupesh Chandra Das, he had been quarantined since he had returned home. In the meantime, he tested negative in Rapid Antigen Test (RAT). RTPCR was conducted and he tested positive, resulting in his admission to TMCH on Saturday evening at the initiative of Balipara PHC.

Additionally, Bhupesh Chandra Das said he is under observation and that his sample has been sent for genome sequencing so that he can determine whether he contracted the new Omicron COVID-19 variant.

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The health minister for the state, Keshab Mahanta, also posted on Twitter that his sample has been sent for genome sequencing due to him being positive for COVID-19. “Till the results arrive for the same, it is a sincere request to all concerned not to spread the matter as an OMICRON case,” the health minister of Assam said in the tweet.

According to Health Minister Keshab Mahanta, the department is opening a few district-level Covid hospitals closed after the Covid crisis eased. Several general hospitals were converted into Covid hospitals to control the situation in the state.

Nevertheless, he stressed that the authorities converted such hospitals to general hospitals after the Covid crisis abated, and asked deputy commissioners to make them fit to treat Covid patients in the event of an emergency.