ban on crackers

Kolkata, 5th November: In line with the state government’s order of ban on bursting crackers during Diwali & Kali Puja, the Calcutta High Court on Thursday bans the selling and using of all kinds of firecrackers on the festive season.

Well-known environmentalist Subhash Dutta had filed a petition in the Calcutta High Court on Tuesday for a complete ban on crackers during the festive season in the state.

Subhash Dutta explains the petition, the production, distribution, and sale of firecrackers should be banned completely on Diwali. If not, pollution will increase manifold at one time, which can increase respiratory diseases and make corona conditions more serious.

The verdict issued during Durga Puja by High Court which says that every pandal will into the no-entry zone. The same has been following in Kali Puja, Kartik Puja, and Jagadhatri puja as well. Sell and Use of firecrackers have been banned by the high court. Police can confiscate the stock of firecrackers in November. Police will take action if anyone will sell this during the festival season. The nature of Chhath puja is different from our Durga Puja, kali puja, etc. so the decision will be finalized in next hearing on 10th November with the state government,” said Sabyasachi Chatterjee, advocate in High Court.

The court also suggested not hold Chhath puja at Kolkata’s Rabindra Sarobar Lake and asked the Mamata-led government to look for alternatives. The KMDA had approached the Supreme Court against the order of the National Green Tribunal seeking that the Chhath puja should be allowed at Sarobar.

Two days back, the West Bengal government-imposed ban on bursting firecrackers in the wake of the coronavirus. “West Bengal government will not allow bursting of firecrackers during Kali Puja and Diwali festivals to check air pollution, hazardous for COVID-19 patients,” Alapan Bandyopadhyay said.