CBSE results

New Delhi, July 22: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced the results for Class 12 exams 2022, the pass percentage this year touched 92.71 percent.

The board released the combined result on the basis of the assessment criteria for Term 1 and Term 2.

The students can download the scorecard on the websites-, using roll number, and school numbers. To check CBSE 12th result, click on the class-wise result link. Use roll numbers and school numbers. CBSE 12th scorecards will appear on the screen, download, and take a printout for further references.

Here is a quick look at how the marks would be calculated this year

The CBSE final mark sheet has been prepared on the basis of the weightage of marks in both term 1 and 2 exams 2022.

The scorecard contains details of marks obtained during the academic year as internal assessment marks, project works, practical exams, and pre-board exams.

CBSE term 2 exams were held between April 26 and June 4. CBSE conducted the exams in two terms for the academic session 2021-22.

CBSE term 1 board exams held in November-December 2021, were conducted for multiple-choice questions, while the term 2 exams had analytical and case-based questions and were held in April- May 2022. The board did not announce the term 1 results as pass, fail, or essential repeat.

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For details on CBSE 10th, and 12th results, please visit the websites-,

As all are aware, CBSE has conducted the Class 10 and 12 board exams in two terms this year. The two terms were split 50 – 50 for the students. This also included a 50:50 split in internal marks.

To explain further, say 100 marks paper had 20 marks set out for internal evaluation or practical marks then Term 1 theory was of 40 marks and 10 marks were set aside for internal.

Similar was the case for Term 2. This varies from subject to subject. There is a 70, 30 split, a 60, 40 split as well as a 50, 50 split in some papers. For class 10 it is largely internal marks and for Class 12 it is internal in few but practical in most.

CBSE has clarified that the weightage formula would be applicable only on theory marks scored by students in Term 1 and Term 2 exams and no internal marks.

The internal marks/ practical marks allocated to students would be added as it is to the final score. The weightage would be applied only to the theory marks.

Explain with an example, say the Weightage for Term 1 is 30% and that for term 2 is 70%. In the above example of 80:20 theory and internal split, the Term 1 paper would have been of a total of 40 marks and Term 2 also of 40 marks. So now let’s assume that the student scored the following marks.

Now, for a 30:70 weightage, students would be scored out of 24 marks in Term 1 and 56 marks in Term 2.

Marks awarded would be Term 1 Calculated Marks + Term 2 Calculated Marks + Term 1 Internal + Term 2 Internal. This would mean (as per the above example) 21+51.8+10+10 = 92.8 or 93 marks in that subject.

Please note, that the weightage for Term 1 and Term 2 is not final. The board had earlier suggested that it would give equal weight to both the terms, should they be conducted in an offline format. However, after the Term 1 result, CBSE informed us that the weightage would be announced at the time of the Term 2 result.

Experts and sources have informed us that the 50:50 split is likely. In case it is a 50, 50 split (the way ICSE has done) then the marks scored in Term 1 and Term 2 and Internals would be added as it is to get to the final score out of 100.