Check out the Adorable video of a puppy playing with butterflies

Sept 24: If you love to watch the puppy video, here is a clip that will make you very happy. This video involved a little puppy and two butterflies. Yes, a clip of a puppy and a butterfly is one of the cutest things on should not miss on digital media today.

The 35-second clip was initially posted to TikTok, shared on Twitter by @hopkinsBRFC21 with the caption, “Just a little puppy playing with a butterfly.” In the video, a puppy can be seen playing with a butterfly. Yes, as the butterfly sat on the pup’s nose and flew around it, the little dog tried to catch it but could not do so.

Going by the video, it looks like the clip has been recorded at the entrance of a house. The puppy can be seen rolling over a doormat to grab the butterfly, which intentionally flew around and provoked it. This cute video of a little dog and a butterfly will undoubtedly make your day.