Sonitpur earthquake

Sonitpur, May 29: An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4 struck the region of Sonitpur in Assam on Monday at around 8 am. The earthquake originated at a depth of 15 kilometers, with the epicenter located at latitude 26.68 and longitude 92.35.

“Earthquake of Magnitude:4.4, Occurred on 29-05-2023, 08:03:35 IST, Lat: 26.68 & Long: 92.35, Depth: 15 Km, Region: Sonitpur, Assam,” National Center for Seismology tweets.

Though the earthquake registered a moderate magnitude, it was still significant enough to be felt by the residents in the affected area. The tremors caused slight shaking and vibrations, resulting in a momentary disruption of normal activities.

The region of Sonitpur in Assam has experienced seismic activity in the past, given its location in a seismically active zone. Earthquakes occur due to the movement of tectonic plates beneath the Earth’s surface. While they are natural phenomena, their occurrence can sometimes result in damage to infrastructure and pose a risk to human lives.

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It is important for residents in seismically active areas to be prepared and informed about earthquake safety measures. This includes having emergency kits, securing heavy objects that can topple during an earthquake, and knowing the appropriate actions to take during and after an earthquake.

Fortunately, there have been no immediate reports of injuries or damage caused by this particular earthquake. However, authorities and local officials should remain vigilant and conduct thorough assessments to ensure the safety and well-being of the affected communities.

Yesterday, residents of Assam, specifically in the Tezpur region, experienced a mild earthquake measuring a magnitude of 3.3, in the early hours of Sunday.

The earthquake occurred at 03:58:54 IST with its epicenter located at latitude 27.10 and longitude 92.59. The depth of the earthquake was recorded at 10 kilometers. The seismic activity was reported by the National Center for Seismology, which closely monitors and analyzes earthquakes in the region.