Facebook Page of Sikkim CM PS Tamang hacked

Sikkim, Feb 28: The official Facebook page of Sikkim Chief Minister PS Tamang was hacked. The Facebook page of Sikkim CM  Tamang was hacked.

The hacked Facebook Page of Sikkim CM Tamang is used to disseminate Government statements and information. Unidentified person(s) hacked into the Facebook page of Sikkim CM PS Tamang.

The page reportedly became inactive after being hacked. However, at around 9 pm the page became active again.

The profile picture was changed by the time the page became active again and was replaced by a girl’s photo.

The authorities managed to get control of the page only in the wee hours of Sunday.

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All posts between the months of January and February appeared missing following the hacking, which was later restored.

Meanwhile, the Sikkim Police has launched an investigation into the case. The case has been registered under IT Act.