Former CP Anuj Sharma has taken the first vaccine in Kolkata police

Kolkata, Feb 8: Former Commissioner of Police Anuj Sharma received the COVID vaccine at Kolkata Police Hospital on Monday. Arriving at the hospital at eleven o’clock in the morning, he took the first dose of Covishield. After that, the doctors kept him under observation for half an hour.

The Kolkata Police has played a significant role among those who fought in the front lines in the larger fight against Corona. The state government has started vaccinating Kolkata police personnel for the first time since the vaccination was introduced in Kolkata.

After half an hour of observation, he was released without any side effects. Anuj Sharma, who was discharged from the hospital after receiving the vaccine, said he is completely well and has no side effects.

At the same time, he advised the general public, including all members of the Kolkata police force, to take the corona vaccine without fear.

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Apart from Anuj Sharma, the former Commissioner of Police of Kolkata, 100 more officers of the force are being vaccinated at the Kolkata Police Hospital today. They will be given the second dose after 28 days from today. From today, all the members of all police stations and units of Kolkata Police will be vaccinated one by one he police said.