Lakhimpur Medical College

1. Indian Medical Council penalizes Lakhimpur Medical College with a Rs 1 crore fine.
2. The letter to the college principal highlights severe mismanagement issues within the institution.
3. Concerns include lack of electricity during surgeries and insufficient staffing in departments.

Lakhimpur, May 23: The Indian Medical Council has imposed a hefty fine of Rs 1 crore on Lakhimpur Medical College in Assam, citing severe mismanagement issues within the institution.

In a sternly worded communication addressed to the college’s principal, the Council outlined several critical concerns that have plagued the college’s operations.

The letter explicitly warned of additional disciplinary measures if the college fails to promptly address its outstanding financial obligations.

Among the issues highlighted in the Council’s communication are the distressing conditions observed at Lakhimpur Medical College, including instances where surgeries were conducted without adequate access to electricity, understaffing across various departments, and frequent absenteeism among both administrative and departmental heads.

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The imposition of the Rs 1 crore penalty by the National Medical Commission (NMC) comes as a consequence of the college’s failure to adhere to prescribed course standards, statutory requirements, regulations, and minimum quality benchmarks set by the apex medical education regulator.

This penalty measure was introduced by the NMC in 2023 to enforce accountability and ensure compliance with established norms across medical colleges nationwide.