Meetei Constitution

1. Manipur CM N Biren Singh unveils Diglot edition of Indian Constitution in Meetei-Mayek script.
2. Historic move celebrates and promotes the Manipuri script.
3. Release coincides with Constitution Day at the CM Secretariat in Imphal.

Imphal, Nov 26: In a historic move, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh unveiled the Diglot edition of the Constitution of India in the Meetei-Mayek script, a significant step to celebrate and promote the Manipuri script. The release took place at the Cabinet Hall of the CM Secretariat in Imphal on Constitution Day.

The event included government officials, ministers, and MLAs reading the preamble of India, acknowledging and honoring the translators who worked on translating the constitution into Manipuri language. This initiative champions the Manipuri script and ensures that speakers of Manipuri have direct access to the principles enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

Despite the Constitution being in effect for 73 years, its accessibility has been limited due to the absence of translations into local languages. This Diglot edition, incorporating amendments up to the 105th Amendment, holds special significance, particularly in the Meetei Mayek script. Chief Minister N Biren Singh views this edition as a crucial milestone in Manipur’s history, providing an invaluable asset for the entire state.

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Expressing gratitude to the Government of India for facilitating the release, Chief Minister N Biren Singh emphasized the importance of this inclusive step. He commended Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah for their recognition of the uniqueness of Manipur and their support, such as granting the Inner Line Permit (ILP) to the state.

Proud of this achievement, CM N Biren Singh urged the people of Manipur to reciprocate the attention and respect shown by the Central leaders. He called for unity and collaboration, emphasizing the need for the state’s residents to work together for a better and united India.