Many families become homeless after losing everything in Brahmaputra river erosion in Assam

Guwahati, July 7: 48-year-old Nausat Ali and his family are now preparing to move to a safer place after he lost his home and agricultural lands in soil erosion of the river Brahmaputra.

Nausat Ali – a resident of Matifata village in Assam’s Dhubri district has lost everything in the massive soil erosion of the Brahmaputra river and he is now searching for a safer place to live with his family.

I have lost everything in river erosion and now I don’t know where to go. I have no money in my pocket. I think we will have to temporarily live on-road,” Nausat Ali said.

Not only Nausat, Sanuar Hussain, Mofizul Haque and many other villagers of Matifata, Chotolar Par, Goladighi, Jengbari, Aambari villages near Fakiraganj in Dhubri and South Salmara Mankachar district have also faced similar problems and they have been forced to move safer places after Brahmaputra river had swallowed their homes, lands.

Sanuar Hussain said that more than 500 families of his locality have recently affected by the river erosion problem and many of them have lost their homes.

He further said that, near about 40,000-50,000 bigha of lands swallowed by the mighty Brahmaputra river in the area in the last five years.

Thousand of homes, school buildings, religious institutions have destroyed due to river erosion in our area. The affected people are now totally helpless, where they will go. But the authority hasn’t taken any concrete measures to protect the people and their properties from river erosion,” Sanuar Hussain said.

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He also said that a maximum of the affected people are directly involved in farming and they also lost their agricultural lands.

There are many families across the state, who are suffering displacement and hardships due to river erosion and flood problems.

According to the Assam government data, the mighty Brahmaputra river has wiped out nearly 4000 sq km in the past six decades.

According to the Assam Water Resources Department, the annual average loss of land due to river erosion is nearly 8000 hectares.