Mizoram: Education Minister says the school may have to reopen in rural areas

Mizoram, July 6: The online education committee on Tuesday submitted their suggestions regarding the online school system in Mizoram to the School Education Minister Lalchhandama Ralte.

The minister said, there have been inequalities in imparting education as classes are conducted online due to the Covid19 pandemic. He appreciated the online education committee for coming up with guidelines and suggestions to improve the online education system. He said they will look into the suggestions so they can be implemented as quickly as possible.

He said as over 50% of students who live in rural areas cannot access online classes, it has to be decided whether the school can be reopened in these areas with permission from the Village Level Task Force so education can be more equal in different parts of the state.

In June, the committee held a survey on how Covid19 has impacted the educational system. It was also decided that they have to come up with guidelines to ensure a more stabilized system in terms of imparting education online.

They prepared Draft Guidelines for Education during the Covid-19 Pandemic in line with the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India’s PRAGYATA. The guidelines were approved by the committee and were forwarded for further approval by the government on July 1.

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In the committee, discussions were held on students’ accessibility to devices for online classes and it was decided that measures will be taken so for students who do not have access to devices.

The Committee included representatives from the department, ICT department, MZU, and school teachers. If approved by the government, the guidelines are expected to be implemented by July.