Namitha Marimuthu

Delhi, July 20: Namitha Marimuthu, an Indian transgender (Ardhnarishwar) represented India at Miss International Queen 2022 in Thailand.

The pageant aims at creating awareness of equality for the LGBTQIA+ and transgender community. Namitha has been selected by the team of Miss International Queen to represent India at the pageant.

The beauty pageant Miss International Queen is held annually in Pattaya and all the monetary profits of the show go to the Royal Charity AIDS Foundation of Thailand. Namitha is the first transwoman to participate in the TV reality show Bigg Boss Tamil. She is also the national mentor for transwoman pageants in the country.

Namitha is optimistic that she will be able to break the barriers around gender by popularizing the idea of co-existence with acceptance for the LGBTQIA+ community.

She emphasized that in order to eradicate Transphobia, there is a need to make trans people visible and showcase the work we are doing without any excuse.