Nusrat Yash Dasgupta

Kolkata, Dec 31: TMC MP Nusrat Jahan and her lover Yash Dasgupta, who remain close-lipped about their relationship throughout 2021, have finally admitted their relationship. The first time Nusrat made headlines in 2021 was for claiming her former marriage with Nikhil Jain was invalid in India. The second time was when she became a parent with Yash. As Nusrat explained on her talk show, the pair was once on the verge of breaking up before they had the most romantic patch up.

When Nusrat And Yash Almost Broke Up?

Nusrat Jahan revealed the details of her love story with Yash Dasgupta in a chat show, Ishq With Nusrat. The celeb couple, who have been together, shared how they first fell in love and described the filmiest incident after almost breaking up.

According to Nusrat, she and Yash had once made the decision to part ways. She was asked to sit in Yash’s car that day after she came downstairs.

Yash and Nusrat, however, became a safe haven for each other after the tables turned. In her own words, Nusrat said they were on the verge of breaking up but decided to stay together. And Yash continued: “..and that’s how it happened.”

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Love Story Of Nusrat-Yash

Their love story was also discussed by Nusrat and Yash. Yash and the Bengali actress allegedly absconded together. During her chat show, Nusrat explained that she “ran away” with Yash. In a playful way, he teased her, “You ran away?” followed by asking her if they ran through the streets together. Nusrat then said, “No, no, I absconded with you. This is in one word, I absconded with you. This is what the episode is about – my love, my choice. I fell in love with you, that was my choice, and the rest is history.”

Nusrat replied with the most beautiful definition of love when Yash asked for it. She expressed that togetherness leads to happiness every day. It’s not always plain sailing, but with a lot of love you handle it every day. Yishaan is the son of Nusrat and Yash.