Arunachal girl

Itanagar, May 25: In a remarkable display of compassion and medical expertise, doctors in Pune have successfully assisted a 10-year-old girl from Arunachal Pradesh in overcoming a complex congenital neck defect. The surgery, performed at the Sassoon General Hospital, not only corrected the physical deformity but also brought newfound hope and confidence to the young girl and her family.

The journey towards transformation began when senior maxillofacial and oral surgeon Dr. Deepak Kulkarni (69), an avid cyclist, encountered Muskan during a cycling tour to Northeast India in December last year.

Muskan had been living with torticollis, a condition characterized by abnormal positioning of the head and neck, since birth. Dr. Kulkarni recognized the potential for recovery through surgery and convinced Muskan’s parents and school teachers to explore this option.

Despite initial hesitations and financial constraints, Muskan’s family embarked on the journey to Pune in the first week of April. Under the care of plastic surgeon Dr. Parag Sahasrabudhe at B J Medical College and Sassoon General Hospital, Muskan underwent comprehensive medical examinations and tests before undergoing a complex and delicate surgery on April 12. The procedure was followed by dedicated rehabilitation and post-operative care, resulting in a gradual transformation of Muskan’s life.

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Dr. Sahasrabudhe expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the surgery, highlighting that Muskan did not experience diplopia (double vision), which can be a risk factor in torticollis surgery.

The success of the procedure brought immense joy and optimism to Muskan’s family, who were previously told in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam that her condition was not correctable. Muskan is now able to freely interact with her friends and lead a normal life.

Dr. Kulkarni, driven by a deep sense of responsibility, went above and beyond his duty as a doctor. He provided emotional and financial support to Muskan’s family throughout the entire process, leaving a lasting impact on all those involved. Dr. Sahasrabudhe emphasized that Muskan’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion and going the extra mile in the field of medicine, as it not only heals the body but also uplifts the human spirit.

As Muskan and her family bid farewell to Pune, they carry with them profound gratitude and the memories of an extraordinary man who cycled into their lives, offering a ray of hope that will forever shine. The successful collaboration between these dedicated doctors has not only changed Muskan’s life but also serves as an inspiring example of the transformative power of medical care combined with compassion and determination.