Manipur violence

Bishnupur, May 25: Fresh incidents of violence have once again rocked the state of Manipur, resulting in one person’s death and the ransacking of the house of Public Works Department (PWD) Minister Govindas Konthoujam in the Bishnupur district. The violence involved suspected militants and an organized mob, leading to heightened security measures in the affected areas.

In response to the escalating violence, an indefinite curfew has been imposed in the Bishnupur district, while the relaxation window has been shortened by four hours in Imphal West as a precautionary measure.

Former CRPF DG Kuldiep Singh, who was appointed as Chief Minister Biren Singh’s Security Advisor after the initial outbreak of violence on May 3, reported that militants fired at a group of people in the Tronglaobi area of Bishnupur on Wednesday morning. One person, who was injured in the firing, succumbed to their injuries while being transported to the hospital.

The state of Manipur has been embroiled in clashes between the tribal communities and the majority Meitei community since May 3, when Naga and Kuki tribals organized a ‘Tribal Solidarity March’ to protest against the proposed granting of scheduled tribe (ST) status to the Meitei community. The violence that ensued has claimed the lives of over 30 people and displaced thousands in the Northeastern state.

Singh also revealed that a Meitei resident was injured in firing by suspected militants in the Singda area of Imphal West, near the Kuki-dominated Kangpokpi district. The attackers fled the scene upon the arrival of security forces.

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The recent wave of violence has further exacerbated tensions and raised concerns about the fragile security situation in Manipur. The imposition of a curfew and increased security measures aim to restore peace and prevent any further escalation of violence. Authorities are working to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice while also engaging in dialogue and community outreach to foster understanding and reconciliation among different ethnic groups.

The state government, along with law enforcement agencies, is focused on restoring stability and ensuring the safety of all residents. Efforts are underway to address the underlying issues that have fueled the unrest and promote peaceful coexistence among the diverse communities in Manipur.