Assam Modi

Guwahati, May 25: Assam Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, has recognized the instrumental role played by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in elevating India’s global standing. In his recent remarks, CM Sarma praised the Prime Minister’s leadership and the impact of his policies on India’s international reputation.

He expressed his admiration for the Prime Minister’s ability to garner recognition from diverse countries worldwide. Speaking about prestigious civilian awards of different countries conferred upon the PM, Sarma listed 12 countries.

“12 countries have conferred the Hon PM with their highest civilian awards. From Saudi Arabia to Russia to Fiji, countries adhering to diverse cultures and philosophies have been unanimous in recognising India’s rise,” he stated.

He also highlighted the significance of such accolades and emphasized the broad
consensus among nations in recognising India’s rise under the Prime Minister’s leadership.

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Furthermore, CM Sarma acknowledged the numerous global honors bestowed upon the Prime Minister in recent years. He stated, “Honrable PM has also received a plethora of other global honours in the last 9 years. Such as the first-ever Philip Kotler Presidential Award, UN’s Champions of the Earth Award, and the prestigious Seoul Peace Prize among others.”

This invitation serves as a testament to India’s growing clout on the world stage, signifying the nation’s pivotal role in shaping global discourse.

CM Sarma commended the Prime Minister’s involvement in international humanitarian missions. Referring to initiatives such as Operation Raahat (2015), Maitri (2015), Sankat Mochan (2016), Samudra Setu (2020), and Ganga (2022), he noted that India had demonstrated its courage and commitment to assisting others in times of crisis.