water pipe

Guwahati, May 25: In a significant incident, a major water-supply pipe burst has been reported in the Kharguli area of Guwahati, Assam, leading to unfortunate consequences. While one woman and a child lost their lives, several individuals sustained injuries due to the pipe burst.

The incident resulted in a forceful gush of thousands of liters of water from the leaked section, causing damage and disruption in the surrounding vicinity. The powerful surge of water swept away numerous vehicles, demonstrating the intensity of the burst.

Additionally, approximately 40 houses suffered varying degrees of damage as a result of the incident. Swift action was taken to attend to the injured, who were promptly rushed to nearby hospitals for immediate medical attention.

Investigations into the incident revealed that the burst occurred when valves were opened to test the water supply through the newly laid pipes. However, it was discovered that the section of the pipe where the burst occurred was not part of the recent construction.

Sources indicate that the pipe in question was actually laid by Gammon prior to the takeover of the project by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). The pipe was initially laid in 2018-19 and underwent testing at that time, as per the information received.

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Local residents affected by the incident expressed their frustration and anger over the damages caused to their property. They have urged the Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) to provide compensation for the losses incurred.

Authorities are actively investigating the matter and collecting additional information to ascertain the exact cause of the pipe burst. Further details regarding the incident are currently awaited, as officials work towards resolving the situation and providing necessary support to those affected.

The incident highlights the importance of regular maintenance and assessment of infrastructure to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. The GMDA and relevant authorities are expected to take appropriate measures to address the concerns raised by the affected individuals and ensure the safety and stability of the water supply system in Guwahati.

As the investigation progresses, it is hoped that a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances surrounding the burst will be attained, leading to preventive measures and necessary improvements to prevent similar incidents from happening again in the future.