Assam, May 25: Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma appealed for restricting consumption of beef in Hindu-inhabited areas where it is a “sensitive” issue.

Sarma was speaking during the discussion on the motion of thanks on governor’s speech, has informed the House that BJP has been given the mandate by the people to seek re-verification of NRC and close down of madrassas, which he will respect and follow.

Assam CM said, “We believe that cow is our mother and people worship it. So, we request not to bring cows from West Bengal. We want that the places where the cow is worshipped, it should not be consumed there. I am not asking anyone to change their food habit but many times I have seen a statement from Darul Uloom in Lucknow, asking the Muslim people not to consume beef in Hindu areas.”

“As per the directive principles in the Constitution of India, it says the killing of cow should not be done and we will continue to appeal. When in the house the day an AIUDF MLA supports this, it will start the beginning of a new Assam,” he added.

On Saturday, Governor Jagdish Mukhi mentioned that the state government would soon bring a cow protection bill to ban transportation to and from outside the state.

One thing is for sure, the promise we made in election time, we will fulfil each of them. We have got a mandate so we will stick to our ground and seek re-verification of NRC. The opposition has got the mandate to oppose it and so they will stick to their ground. I will fulfil my promise and the opposition will try to fulfil its own. This is how democracy moves. But I cannot move away from promises the government has made,” he said.

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The opposition has promised their voters not to allow the closing down of madrassas. I am saying that I will close them down and I will not move from my ground,” he added.

Sarma said, “In a vibrant democracy like ours, differences will be resolved in courts or assembly. But there are many areas where the ruling and opposition party does not have any differences and those are the areas where we can work together.

For instance, the government wants to work for the uplift and empowerment of Muslim women and the opposition, too, supports this. So, we can together work in this area. But we want a two-child policy and if the opposition does not want to follow, we will work in our own ways.”