Siang Indigenous

1. Siang Indigenous Farmers Forum opposes NHPC’s CSR projects in Arunachal Pradesh.
2. Village representatives gather to raise legal awareness and review the forum’s activities.
3. Concerns raised over lack of consultation and transparency in the allocation of CSR funds.

Itanagar, March 06: The Siang Indigenous Farmers Forum strongly opposes the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects initiated by the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Ltd. (NHPC), reaffirming its stance against the Siang dam project in Arunachal Pradesh.

Representatives from affected villages convened to discuss legal awareness about CSR notifications and review the forum’s activities ahead of the 2024 State elections.

Concerns were raised about the lack of consultation with affected villages before allocating CSR funds, with attendees only becoming aware of the related notification on March 1, 2024.

Discussions centered on the legal interpretation of CSR under the Companies Act, 2013, questioning NHPC’s allocation of CSR funds in Siang.

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The forum unanimously rejected NHPC’s allocation of 16.61 crores for CSR, citing concerns about potential corruption and irresponsible district administration. Transparency was demanded from departments involved in the CSR scheme.

Despite objections, nocturnal surveys for the Siang dam’s pre-feasibility study report continue, as disclosed by Speaker V during a visit to Boleng in 2022. SIFF strongly disapproves of the model villages sanctioned by NHPC.

The forum agreed not to support any electoral candidate endorsing the Siang Dam and to prioritize candidates willing to advocate against the dam’s construction in the Assembly. Three resolutions were adopted: strategic litigation by relevant laws, rejection of CSR projects, and a review of SIFF executive members’ performance before the 2024 election.

Furthermore, a book commemorating the Anti-Dam Siang movement will be published to honor sacrifices and recognize the leadership of true Adi leaders.