Assam tourist

1. Assam introduces “tourist police” to bolster safety for visitors in response to increased tourist numbers following the pandemic.
2. The state tourism department aims to establish dedicated units and stations to ensure tourists’ well-being
3. This initiative reflects Assam’s commitment to providing a secure environment for travelers exploring the region’s attractions.

Guwahati, March 06: Assam has taken a significant step towards enhancing tourist safety by introducing “tourist police” amid a surge in visitor numbers post-Covid last year.

The state’s tourism department plans to establish dedicated units and stations to ensure the well-being of tourists.

The decision to introduce “tourist police” was included in the new Assam Tourism (Development and Registration) Bill, 2024, recently passed by the state assembly.

This move aims to provide a structured framework for the tourism sector, mandating every accommodation facility to register with the tourism department.

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Following the footsteps of several other states in India, Assam joins the likes of Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, Karnataka, and others in implementing tourist police units.

Although still in its initial stages in Assam, authorities assure that the scheme will be operationalized soon to inspect tourist sites and ensure visitor safety.

The concept of tourist police was first introduced in India in 2022, as per directives from the Union Ministry of Tourism to all states and Union territories.

This initiative involves collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) to establish standard operating procedures, training programs, and uniforms for tourist police officers.