Sikkim Govt has initiated to provide doorstep delivery of COVID care kit

Sikkim, May 17: Sikkim Government initiated to provide the doorstep delivery of COVID care kit to all home isolation/Covid care centre patients.

This doorstep delivery of the COVID care kit initiative has been taken under the leadership of Sikkim CM PS Tamang – Golay.

The kit will consist of medications for asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic patients. The package contains prescription and basic medication which shall be delivered doorsteps of COVID patients.

Sikkim recorded 340 new COVID 19 cases on May 16, the biggest spike since the pandemic began. There are 3,096 active cases, while the state tally has reached 11,410 cases. 3,458 cases were recorded in May, of which 2,195 cases are from East Sikkim and 1,263 cases from the rest of the state.

Two COVID fatalities were reported, one was reported from STNM Hospital taking the tally to 162 deaths in the hospital. Singtam District Hospital recorded its first fatality on May 16. Thirty-six deaths have occurred in the past five days, taking the COVID fatality tally to 205.

Along with the highest number of cases, the state also recorded one of its highest recoveries in a day with 252 recoveries on State Day. The state has seen 1,663 recoveries so far this month.

  • East Sikkim recorded 193 new cases taking the district tally to 8,243.
  • South Sikkim recorded 99 cases, one of its biggest cases taking the district tally to 1,862.
  • West Sikkim recorded 48 cases taking the district tally to 798.
  • North Sikkim recorded no new case with less than 200 cases, the district tally stands at 197.

215 patients are admitted in the COVID hospitals, with 140 in the STNM and 19 new admissions. Sixty-two are admitted to the Central Referral Hospital (CRH) with 4 new admissions.

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Thirteen are in the Mangan District Hospital. Twenty patients are in the ICU in the STNM while 11 patients are in ICU at CRH.

In five COVID care centres, 43 patients are admitted with 5 new admissions. In 4 paid quarantines, 11 patients are admitted. A total of 2,730 patients are currently in home isolation with 1,954 in East Sikkim.

253 were new patients opting for home isolation. It remains unclear how many of them were COVID positive.

The state conducted 946 tests, with 733 being RTPCR resulting in 256 testings positive. 208 RAT tests resulted in 83 testings positive. One in five tested positives in CBNAT-TRUENAT.