Grandma nails a bowling strike


May 17: Twitter is in love with a video of a grandmother that was shared on the micro-blogging site today. In it, a woman can be seen bowling and then perfectly scoring a strike while wearing a saree. The clip is the best thing you will see today, and even netizens agree.

The above-mentioned video was shared on Twitter by user Sudarshan Krishnamurthy. He shared the video with the caption, “Hi Twitter, please appreciate my grandma bowling a strike in her saree, and then proceeding to ensure her mask covers her nose #QueenS**t if you ask me! (sic).”

The video begins with Sudarshan Krishnamurthy’s grandmother, dressed in a mustard yellow saree, walking up to a position and aiming the bowling ball to knock the pins down. She then throws the ball towards the pins and manages to strike them all down in just one go.

After managing the perfect score, his grandmother casually turns around, ensures her mask covers her nose and nonchalantly walks away.